The kid that doesn’t fit in. Ouch! The hardest thing for a parent to witness. All the dreams and expectations you have had for that little newborn baby can come crashing down in one sentence from a teacher, therapist or a comment from a playmates parent who alert you to what you have been suspecting for a while: “Something is different about my child.”

It is such a painful possibility that it may take years before a parent’s denial breaks down and forces them to face the fact that their child needs professional help. All the love in the world cannot stop bullying, low self-esteem, self-mutilation, autistic spectrum disorders and many other maladies that effect vulnerable youth.

You see, unfortunately what happens is that out-of-sync kids are often identified at the elementary level when they are young children. They often receive free intervention from their public school (usually not enough), and as they get older and turn into pre-teens their problems start mounting; their loneliness and anger start growing exponentially and what used to be a quirky problem turns into a whopping diagnosis. The profile of this kind of kid is what I call “the one that slipped through the cracks.” They are now charging towards their teenage years full of failure, hopelessness and self-hatred.

But it doesn’t have to happen that way…

This scenario does not have to unfold. I address all aspects of this tragic cycle in efforts to stop it before it all goes too far. I am highly trained and experienced with each developmental stage that might cause a parent to lose hope. From my work at Beverly Hills High School, I became quite polished in the delicate art of steering out-of-control teenagers back on track. A correct diagnosis and a cautiously planned intervention are critical. Teens tend to trust, open up, and even enjoy talking to me. If an adolescent doesn’t like their therapist – forget about it. These kids are acting out, disrespectful and angry at the world. I love working with these kinds of kids. No kidding!

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