The Feminine Mystique Revisited…

and It Ain’t Good Oct 30 Betty Friedan was a giant in her day, touted as the most prolific and life changing writer and feminist of her time. Her extremely famous book named The Feminine Mystique was published in 1963. I never have written about her but I have known about her my entire life because (help me with this) She was my grandmother’s sister–which makes her my….aunt? once removed? I don’t know what she was other than very famous

Do Psychologists Miss Their Patients When They Leave?

Jun 5 I can only speak for myself…so that is what I intend to do. Yes. Depending on the length and quality of the relationship I have had with a particular couple or person I may miss them a great deal. Even if I have only known them a short time they may have made an impression on me that I will carry with me into my future. I believe it truly depends on whether or not I have learned

When a Psychologist’s Mother is Dying

May 28 I have never had a relative die. My mother is living in a nursing home in another state than I do, next to my sister. She has recently been in and out of the hospital gasping for breath then stabilized and then sent back to her nursing home BUT…the last time a decision was made by her doctors and my sister that there would be no more “heroics” and she will not be brought back to the hospital

Secrets a Therapist Takes Home

Apr 3 How many times have I been asked this question? “How do you work all day and then go back to your home life and leave all of the yelling and crying and drama and illness behind you?” Here’s a little secret. In grad school they told me (addressing that question)” Once you are truly a professional you will be able to close your door and leave it all behind until you return”. It doesn’t always work that way.

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